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As new actors rise and the geography of global politics evolves, academic exchange around the globe on the subject of International Relations is becoming ever more important. With its Global Politics Seasonal Schools Program, the Center for Global Politics (CGP) enables advanced students to study and debate recent developments in international political and economic processes at one of our short term intensive programs taking place in the dynamic world cities. This year our Seasonal Schools will take place in Tehran, Shanghai, Amman and Phnom Penh. Moreover, for the first time we will have a workshop in Ukraine, Lviv.

With the core objective of presenting and discussing new approaches in global politics, the Seasonal Schools go above and beyond the traditional methods and perspectives usually encompassed in an International Relations curriculum. State-of-the-art teaching and learning methods, ranging from interactive working groups to simulation games, are combined with an exciting supporting program.

The Seasonal Schools are funded through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as well as through support from our partner universities.

A strong focus on alumni activities at the CGP contributes to the establishment of a close and sustained Seasonal Schools Alumni Community, a vibrant network between between students, doctoral candidates, and young professionals in our target countries.

The Call for Applications will open approximately 3 months before each Seasonal School starts. In order to apply, please follow the link.

Your benefits 

  • Take part in an enriching learning experience and extracurricular activities. (10-15 days)
  • Make new contacts and join a vibrant international alumni network. 
  • Earn a certificate worth 3-4 ECTS credits from a renowned institution.
  • Find out how to enroll in further study or Ph.D. programs in Germany. 


Gu Xiaoqian

Gu Xiaoqian from China
Gu Xiaoqian from China

"I am just so grateful for the participation in the Global Politics Summer School China at Fudan University, Shangai – it made myself become more confident and happy. Through this meaningful activity, not only did I have the chance to learn more about the great ideas of highly respected professors, but also made many friends with whom I am still in contact. I feel so lucky that I have been chosen to participate and will always keep this program in good memory."

GU Xiaoqian, Global Politics Summer School China 2014

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Marikris de Guzman

Marikris D de Guzman from the Philippines
Mrikris D. de Guzman from the Philippines

"It was an honor and a great privilege to be part of the Global Politics Fall School in Hanoi, Vietnam for the year 2014. The theoretical and practical discussions expanded our horizons, exposed us to compelling issues, and deepened our understanding of the complexities of politics on a global scale. The political simulation game was also a unique experience as it has made us realize the difficulties and realities of being a political actor or stakeholder amidst a challenging social, political and economic environment. In addition, I cannot discount the fact that this has been a great socio-cultural experience for me as I have met wonderful and insightful people from different countries."

MARIKRIS de Guzman, Global Politics Fall School Vietnam 2014

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Nader Abdelkader

Abdelkader Nader from Egypt
Nader Abdelkader from Egypt

"Two amazing weeks in Amman full of inspiration, enlightenment, exposure and - best of all -many new friends. It was really great for me to discuss diverse Middle East oriented topics with students and lecturers from different backgrounds and different places. I enjoyed every single dialogue inside and outside classes and I am very happy to have a whole group of new friends."

NADER Abdelkader, Global Politics Fall School Jordan 2014

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Nguyen Le Jenny

Nguyen Le  from Vietnam/ UK
Jenny Nguyen Le from the UK

"Born in Vietnam yet harboured my political perception in the UK, I have never had a taste of the actual Asia-Pacific politics until I met my fellow students from Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Australia there. Guided by devoted and lovely professors with diverse backgrounds, the students enthusiastically contributed to debates in various global affairs. Finally, by sharing most of our free time together - from an excursion to Halong Bay to daily meals in the streets of Hanoi - a so-called ‘GPSS family’ was created after just two weeks. An opportunity not to be missed!"

NGUYEN Le Jenny, Global Politics Fall School Vietnam 2014

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Ru’a Al-Abweh

Ru'a Al-Abweh from Jordan

"In addition to the enriching (and fun!) time spent with the participants and organizers, what I enjoyed most about the Amman program was the simulation game, the open debates, and the heated discussions. I took part in the Fall School to expose myself to a field I am interested in but did not a chance to pursue in an academic setting yet. While it was a challenging and intense two weeks program, it was definitely worth the time I took off work to participate!"

RU'A Al-Abweh, Global Politics Fall School Jordan 2014

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Xie Haiyu

Xie Haiyu from China
Xie Haiyu from China

"Before I went to summer school, the teachers and students in the Distribution Chart were just names. But now, they are pictures, laughters, voices,etc, they became a part of my memory. My favorite poem is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and I have always been amazed at the magic of life. In this summer holiday, I came across our magic summer school and I was very happy here. It has been a precious part of my memory which will be retained till the end of my life. Without you, without your hard work, without all the teachers form Germany and China, without the students from all over the world, I would not have had such a splendid summer holiday. So, thank you to all the teachers and students in our summer school!"

XIE Haiyu, Global Politics Summer School China 2015

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Zhou Yiyuan

Zhou Yiyuan from China
Zhou Yiyuan from China

„It is after the summer school was ended when I started to realize that the participation of the GPSS 2015 was one of my best decisions in my life. Those wise and farsighted professors, the classmates’ hunger for knowledge and the warm-hearted volunteers composed a wonderful experience in terms of both learning and enjoying. During the program, we harvested not only professional thoughts of professors from two top universities, but also different opinions of fellows from diversified research fields and with cross-culture backgrounds. […]. Honestly, I feel so lucky to participate in this summer school, for the simple reason that the courses are enlightening, the activities are diverse and interesting and I have made a lot of friends in those two weeks. Hope the GPSS illustrate more students in the future.“

ZHOU Yiyuan, Global Politics Summer School China 2015

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Yasser Salimi

Salimi Yasser from Iran
Yasser Salimi from Iran

"I liked Berlin for being green and for paying attention to sustainability as regards the urban development. What I most liked about the Summer School was the diversity of people, ideas and free scholarly discussions. I have never experienced this before and felt it was a great opportunity – the program of Free University and Global Politics Seasonal Schools really makes sense to me."

YASSER Salimi, Global Politics Summer School Berlin-Iran 2014

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Samiratou Dipama

Dipama Samiratou from Burkina Faso/Turkey
Samiratou Dipama from Turkey

"The Global Politics Summer School Turkey 2014 provided me with the opportunity to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and to make new friends. I also got the chance to hold interactive discussions with distinguished IR scholars and academics from Germany, Turkey and Greece. Last but not least, it enriched my knowledge of global politics and international relations in general, and with respect to the EU-Turkey contemporary relations more specifically."

SAMIRATOU Dipama, Global Politics Summer School Turkey 2014

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Yujiie Wang

Wang Yujie
Yujiie Wang from China

"The Global Politics Summer School China 2014 has become an unforgettable memory for me. Its comprehensive curriculum, high quality of teaching as well as diversity of participants were really impressive. I am honored and grateful for having met so many extraordinary friends who will surely be leaders of all fields in the future."

YUJIIE Wang, Global Politics Summer School China 2014

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Philip Grinsted from Germany

Philip Grinsted from Germany
Philip Grinsted from Germany

"Participating in the Global Politics Summer School in Shanghai was a great experience. It was a perfect combination of inspiring discussions with smart students, interesting lectures by distinguished experts, and an entertaining supporting program."

PHILIP Grinsted, Global Politics Summer School China 2014

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Sothea Un

Sothea Un  from Cambodia
Sothea Un from Cambodia

"GPSS is a platform where everyone can not only acquire more knowledge about global issues but also build up a broad network across different regions of the world. I am strongly convinced that this amazing program inspires more understanding of particular global issues and has the power to build new coalitions among the participants. It was my great honor to be one of the participants in this program."

SOTHEA Un, Global Politics Fall School Vietnam 2014

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