Current Seasonal Schools

Global Politics Summer and Fall Schools

Each year the Center for Global Politics carries out up to 5 seasonal and summer schools in different cities around the world. The Seasonal Schools are planned and organized in close cooperation with our partner universities on site and, in some cases, in cooperation with German political foundations as well. The curriculum encompasses varying topics reflecting current developments and debates in global politics. In addition to covering issues specific to the respective host countries and their regions, the courses address the following topics:

  • New Approaches to Global Politics
  • The European Union – Current Trends and Challenges (esp. integration, external relations, governance, migration)
  • Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation processes
  • Civil Society Media and International Politics
  • Global City Regions

Here you can find an example schedule for one of our schools. We have prepared an exciting program for our participants where we combine intensive course modules with a cultural immersion.

Schools in 2017/2018

Following the latest and most prominent events around the world, our Seasonal and Summer Schools will take place in Ukraine, Iran, China, Jordan and Vietnam. For more information regarding each individual summer and fall school, please click here:

Global Politics Workshop Ukraine 2018 (April)
The next Call for Applications to be announced in January.

Global Politics Summer School Iran 2018 (July)
The next Call for Applications to be announced in April.

Global Politics Summer School China 2018 (August)
The next Call for Applications to be announced in Mai.

Global Politics Workshop Ukraine 2017 (April 26 - May 4)

“IR and Political Science in a Collapsing World? – Perspectives and Challenges”

Global Politics Summer School Iran 2017 (July 1-12)
“The EU and the MENA Region: Perspectives of European and Iranian Scholars on Regions in Crisis”

Global Politics Summer School China 2017 (Aug. 20 - Sept. 1)
“China and Europe in a World of Change: Perspectives from European and Chinese Scholars”

Global Politics Fall School Jordan 2017 (Sept. 28 - Oct. 9)
“Cities in Global Times: Perspectives from Europe and the MENA Region”

Global Politics Fall School Vietnam 2017 (Oct. 27 - Nov. 8)
“Global Populism: Is it Unstoppable? – Experiences from Asia and Europe”