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Alumni Activities

Join our alumni network!

Join our alumni network!

With an ever-growing number of alumni, the Center for Global Politics (CGP) is constantly developing and expanding its alumni activities. Due to its growing global community the CGP launched a social network platform – similar to facebook – in 2009: The CGP Alumni Forum. This forum offers all CGP alumni over the globe the opportunity to receive up-to-date information on the CGP to stay in contact with former colleagues and to meet fellow alumni from other CGP programs. In addition to our virtual interaction platform, the CGP alumni have diverse opportunities to meet each other personally at regional alumni meetings in various cities around the world. Since 2008 the CGP is organizing annual alumni workshops. So far, these have been taken place in Nida/Lithuania, Hoi An/Vietnam, St. Petersburg/Russia, Qingdao/China, Gdansk/Poland and Siem Reap/Cambodia. In 2015, the workshop took place in Saaremaa/Estonia.

During the Alumni workshops, about 25 alumni – graduates from all programs of the CGP – meet to discuss recent issues in global politics and develop new ideas and activities for the future of the CGP Alumni network.

Alumni do also stay in touch with the CGP by reading and contributing to our newsletter. Three to four times a year we compile a Seasonal Schools Newsletter that keeps you up to date on recent developments in our program. Whenever you come across an interesting topic or would like to share interesting new developments in your private or professional lives with us, we encourage you to send us photos and short articles which we will be happy to publish. Your comments and contributions are always welcome!

Established alumni groups currently exist in Cambodia, China, Germany and Russia. Overall, our strong alumni network and support system greatly depends on your dedication and enthusiasm. You would like to change something in the alumni forum? You would like to start a new alumni group? You want to tell your fellow students about any of our programs? Please let us know!

For further information see: http://www.global-politics.org/alumni/index.html 


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