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Marikris de Guzman

Mrikris D. de Guzman from the Philippines

Mrikris D. de Guzman from the Philippines

"It was an honor and a great privilege to be part of the Global Politics Fall School in Hanoi, Vietnam for the year 2014. The theoretical and practical discussions expanded our horizons, exposed us to compelling issues, and deepened our understanding of the complexities of politics on a global scale. The political simulation game was also a unique experience as it has made us realize the difficulties and realities of being a political actor or stakeholder amidst a challenging social, political and economic environment. In addition, I cannot discount the fact that this has been a great socio-cultural experience for me as I have met wonderful and insightful people from different countries."

MARIKRIS de Guzman, Global Politics Fall School Vietnam 2014

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