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The Global Politics Seasonal Schools are intensive short-term programs providing a platform for current debates in International Relations. Going above and beyond traditional methods and perspectives, they allow you to get acquainted with new approaches in global politics and global political economy. On top of that, these courses are a great opportunity to learn about career perspectives with international companies and to connect with other students in your field.

While curricula of our schools vary, the program is rests on the following pillars to provide you with an enriching learning experience:

 state-of-the-art teaching methods, ranging from interactive working groups to simulation games and online discussions

• theory-based seminars taught by renowned international scholars

practical modules, reaching beyond purely academic topics

• a supporting program including excursions


The Global Politics Seasonal Schools aim at enabling you to analyze issues in global politics in the 21st century. To this end, you explore the fundamental changes taking place in international relations, such as the acceleration of globalization processes, the shrinking sovereignty of nations, and the increasing relevance of international regimes and organizations. This focus on global politics seeks to encompass the new realities of political study in a world increasingly influenced and changed by globalization. Rather than simply focusing on political interactions between nations, the Seasonal Schools promote the consideration and study of numerous emerging and non-traditional actors in global politics.

Furthermore, the project partners encourage you to question the existing body of International Relations theory and to critically assess its potential for analyzing today's world. Starting from this discussion, you are encouraged to develop awareness for the importance of cooperative relations in international politics and to develop new problem-solving strategies, in particular with regard to the role of multilateral institutions in coping with new and emerging global challenges. This analytical stance further allows you to learn more about current developments in global politics, including, for example, the role of media in international politics, conflicts in Asia, European integration, and international environmental policy. For each of the topics, the Global Politics Seasonal Schools introduce the relevant actors and institutions and fosters your understanding of the complex negotiation processes involved.

On a practical level, the Global Politics Seasonal Schools advance your ability to give presentations, contribute to academic discussions, design research questions and to write analytical papers.

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