Past Seasonal Schools

In the last years the Center for Global Politics has organized several Seasonal Schools in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Russia and Ukraine. Below is a list of all past Seasonal Schools and Workshops.


GP Workshop Ukraine: "Living with Conflicts - the new Normal?"

GP Spring School Vietnam: "Southeast Asian and European Approaches to Global Problems"


GP Fall School Jordan: "Migration in the Middle East and Europe: Challenges and Opportunities"

GP Summer School China: "How many World Orders will we see in the Future?"

GP Summer School Iran: "Global Politics in a Troubled World: Perspectives from Europe and Iran"

GP Workshop Ukraine:"What Academia can Contribute to Moderating Conflicts"

GP Spring School Cambodia: "The Rise of Populism: A Threat to the Global System?"


GP Summer School China: "China and Europe in a World of Change: Chinese and European Perspectives"

GP Workshop Iran: "The EU and the MENA Region - Perspectives of European and Iranian Scholars on Regions in Crisis"

GP Workshop Ukraine: "International Relations and Political Science in a Collapsing World: Perspectives and Challenges"

Global Politics Fall School Jordan: “Cities in Global Times: Perspectives from Europe and the MENA Region”

Global Politics Fall School Vietnam: “Global Populism: Is it Unstoppable? – Experiences from Asia and Europe”


GP Fall School Cambodia: "Regional Conflicts in South-East Asia and the European Union: Differences and Similarities - The Role of Politics, Societies and Media"

GP Fall School Jordan: "A Disaster in the Making? Migration Politics in the MENA Region and Europe"

GP Workshop Ukraine: "International Relations and Political Science in a Globalized World"


GP Summer School Berlin-Iran: "Modernizing Iran and Europe: New Perspectives for Cooperation?"

GP Summer School China: "Emerging Powers: How China and Europe Cope with Rising Expectations and Responsibilities"


GP Summer School Berlin-Iran: "Comparing European and Iranian Perspectives on EU-Middle East Relations"

GP Summer School China: "Global Responsabilities & Conflict Resolution - Chinese and European Perspectives"

GP Summer School Turkey: "Internal and External Uncertainties: Turkey between the EU and its Exceptionalism"

GP Fall School Jordan: "Migration and Urbanization in a Globalized Word"

GP Fall School Vietnam: "Regional Economic Cooperation - Challenges and Promises in Europe and Asia"


GP Summer School Cambodia: "Bottom up or Top down Regional Integration? Comparing Asian and European Perspectives"

GP Summer School China: "Understanding Global Politics. Chinese, European and German Perspectives"

GP Summer School Greece: "Different Stories about Europe"

GP Summer School Iran: "New Political, Social and Economic Challenges in the Middle East - Iranian and European Perspectives"

GP Summer School Jordan: "New Prospects for Cooperation and Civil Society in MENA? The Effects of Regime Chang in the Arab World"


GP Summer School China: "Global Challanges - Regional Strategies: Policymaking in Diverse Settings"

GP Summer School Iran: "Universality in Cultural Diversity? Matching Different Views and Perspectives in Human Rights"

GP Summer School Jordan: "Old Neighbors, New Partners: Continuity and Change in EU – Middle East Relations"

GP Spring School Russia: "Stability through Institutional Changes? Russian-German Perspective on Modernization"

GP Summer School Turkey: "Regional Fault Lines: Turkey and the EU on an Uncertain Path"

GP Fall School Vietnam: "Common Challenges in Diverse Settings: Regional Cooperation in Europe and Asia"


GP Summer School Cambodia: "International Conflict Resolution in the Age of New Media"

GP Summer School China: "Facing Multipolarity: China, Europe, and the Search for Sustainable Solutions"

GP Fall School Greece: "Greece and Turkey in a Changing Wider Europe: What Role for the EU?"

GP Summer School Iran: "Global Politics and Regional Changes - Impacts on (Local) Governance and Energy Trade"

GP Fall School Jordan: "Regional Dynamics in the Middle East: Local and European Responsibilities"


GP Summer School China: "China and Europe in a Post-crisis World: Matching the Global and the Local"

GP Summer School Iran: "Cooperation in International Politics - Iranian and European Perspectives for the 21st Century"

GP Fall School Vietnam: "Global Politics and Urban Dynamics"

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