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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to send additional questions to seasonal-schools@global-politics.org.

What are the criteria for admission?
The majority of applicants must be from our partner countries, but a small number of students from Germany and other European countries may also be admitted. You need to have an outstanding academic record and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Political Science, or a related social science. Applicants should possess excellent analytical skills, as well as a strong interest in an internationally-oriented career. Finally, you have to present proof of English language proficiency, since all work during the program will be done in English.
In general, the Global Politics Seasonal Schools are directed towards Bachelor graduates and Master students.

Can I still participate as a graduate student, PhD candidate, or junior professional?
The target group of GPSS are master and advanced bachelor students and applicants with higher qualifications or ample work experience in the field are generally less likely to be admitted. This is because we are trying to keep a level playing field level, encouraging all students to actively participate. Past experience has shown that professionals who are much more knowledgeable than their fellow students tend to dominate discussions. If you would still like to apply, please explain in your motivation statement why you do not expect to be overqualified.

What is a letter of motivation?
The letter of motivation is an essay of up to one page that outlines your motivation in taking part in the program, and why this program is relevant for your academic and professional future. Academic papers and research proposals will not be accepted as mission statements.

Do I have to pay for accommodation and travel by myself?
Participants are responsible for accommodation, travel and living expenses. However, the program always tries to arrange for affordable accommodation with shared and single rooms near the program venue.

Does the Center for Global Politics provide scholarships?
The CFP does not offer any scholarships. However, if you cannot attend our program without financial assistance, we recommend that you seek advice from the local DAAD Office in your country of permanent residence (See https://www.daad.de/en/ → click on DAAD Worldwide in the top right corner). Another possibility may be local branches of German political foundations in your region, especially if they are official partners of the Seasonal School to which you are applying. The largest German political foundations are Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Friedrich Nauman Foundation.

Which language requirements do I have to fulfill?
In order to participate in a Global Politics Seasonal School you need to provide evidence of your proficiency in English. This means you have to be able to prove that your English skills are at C1 level or higher according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If possible, please attach language certificates to make it easier for us to evaluate your language skills.

I do not have any language certificates. Can I still apply?
If you state your level of English (please refer to the CEFR scheme) and your motivation letter shows a sufficient level of English, your application will still be considered. The language requirement is meant to ensure that all participants can keep up and actively take part in discussions.

Do I need letters of recommendation?
No, letters of recommendation are not necessary, but if you would like to add them to your application, you are welcome to do so. Our application software includes a section in which you can upload letters of recommendation.


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