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Our Target Regions

Global Politics Seasonal Schools are located in various regions across the globe, all of which hold interesting dynamics for students of international affairs. Find out more about our individual target countries below.

Amman, Jordan

The small kingdom has been a site of relative stability in the midst of a conflict-ridden region, despite the fact that refugees, mostly Syrian and Palestinian, currently make up 9 percent of the total population.

Guangzhou, China

A vastly populous country on the rise, a trade giant and an increasingly engaged global player, China poses intriguing questions to scholars and students of International Relations.

Tehran, Iran

Iran lies at the center of the Middle East, and is a key player in stoking or potentially resolving regional conflicts.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Stretching along the South China Sea, a region of continuous international tensions, Vietnam is slowly emerging from its communist past and reinventing itself in the shadow of its northern neighbour, China. The GPSS program alternates annually between Vietnam and Cambodia. In 2019, the Global Politics Spring School took place in Hanoi.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A country striving for development among echoes of a violent past, Cambodia has complex relationships with its neighbours - and with itself. GPSS alternate annually between Vietnam and Cambodia. Our Global Politics Spring School 2018 took place in Phnom Penh.

Lviv, Ukraine

The future of Ukraine between Europe and Russia looks quite difficult: Tensions remain in the occupied territories and the Minsk process seems to be heading towards a dead end, if it is not dead already. Despite the fact that the conflict in eastern Ukraine seems to have disappeared from European media coverage, CGP’s Global Politics Workshops in Ukraine regularly address the role of academia in dealing with and, more importantly, in moderating conflicts like the prevailing one. Every year, the faculty workshop invites young PhDs and PostDocs from Germany, Ukraine and other countries in the region to jointly work on a future-oriented curriculum in the field of International Relations to possibly be implemented at a Ukrainian university in the near future.

Berlin, Germany

Home to Freie Universitaet and our own Center for Global Politics, the city of Berlin speaks of Europe's turbulent history. Berlin has been a program location on occasion, such as for the German-Iranian Summer School held in 2014 in cooperation with the University of Tehran to exchange perspectives on EU-Middle Eastern relations.

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