Workshop Ukraine


April 24 - May 5, 2018, in Lviv

(Session period: April 25 – May 4)


Center for Global Politics of the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, and the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine.


In the framework of DAAD’s program “Academic Exchange and Scientific Cooperation for Security, Collaboration and Civic Development in Europe” the Center for Global Politics at Freie Universität Berlin is holding its third workshop on curricular development and current political developments in the region in Lviv. Within ten days young researchers will design a future-oriented IR curriculum that includes recent developments in IR and Political Science. Participants will also get into and debate current trends in global politics, with a focus on (moderating) conflicts. Not least, the workshop aims at supporting Ukraine in terms of civic development through network building, respectively by connecting Ukrainian and German researchers as well as researchers from the region who desire to put forward new ideas. We therefore invite PhD students and PostDocs to exchange their views on various topics – especially touching upon Europe, the European Union and challenges that come along with recent political developments.


  • Take part in an enriching learning experience
  • Receive and exchange input regarding current curricula developments in IR
  • Learn about recent trends in Global Politics
  • Connect with Ukrainian and German PhDs and PostDocs and develop long lasting networks


Your background:

  • M.A. in Political Science, International Relations or a related field
  • Currently working on your PhD thesis or having earned a PhD in Pol.Sc. or IR
  • Currently teaching and/ or researching at a University in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Germany

Please provide:

  • Letter of motivation
  • The workshop is supposed to be an exchange of ideas and research methods amongst the participants. Please elaborate on your current research focus in regard to one of the main topics of the workshop (400 words):
    • New Approaches/ Directions in IR
    • How to Structure and Teach IR/ Global Politics
    • The EU: Trends, Challenges, New Approaches in Research; Governing/ Moderating the EU
    • IR and the World of Employment/ Teaching & Learning/ Curricular Development
    • Conflicts: New Phenomena and Approaches
  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • Excellent English language diploma

Apply by sending in all requested documents by March 11, 2018 to:

The administration fee for the workshop amounts to 100 €, which cover food, housing, events and travel expenses (depending on the country up to 350 € refund for traveling). For more information, visit our website or contact us directly.

For an insight into last year’s Global Politics Workshop, please watch:


Lydia Tetzner (Senior Program Manager)

Karolina Kaloyanova (Program Assistant)'

Center for Global Politics
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